Sunday Service the ReCap!

Sunday Service the ReCap!

THIS Sunday Service is a gift back to all the recovering church girls that sat through endless services, sermons, lectures, and summer revivals and walked out still not knowing who they fuck they are.

Sunday Service is on Sundays for a reason. It's from 11am-1pm for a reason. :) Each week join Muse and varying guests (from time to time)  as she brings you along her pleasure journey.  The goal is for us all to truly step into this life not for the sake of survival, but embark on a journey in seeing ourselves in the future, without harm, and with much much joy.

Love, Muse xoxo


Hello, cherished viewers of MuseTease Prints! In ourlatest and most zestful episode, "Sunday Service: Book of Pleasure," we dove headfirst into an oasis of delight, unpacking the bountiful treasure chest of pleasure in ways that redefine and liberate.


A Feast for the Senses

Our eloquent Muse was your charismatic guide through a galaxy of sensory delights that extend far beyond the realm of the carnal. They invited us to indulge in the rich tapestry of life's joys, from the seductive dance of textures like velvety exfoliation gloves to the symphony of scents. Imagine wrapping yourself in robes that whisper tales of resilience, as tales of our ancestors envelop you in comforting musky fragrances that defy conventional femininity.

The Art of Self-Adornment

Muse was a vibrant mosaic of enthusiasm as they discussed how we can honor our unique identities through self-adornment. Like royals of yore, we donned our most confidence-inspiring outfits, each piece a statement of self-love and a strike against the barriers that confine our full sexual expression.

Breaking Down Boundaries

Oh, goodness, did we knock down some walls! We shattered the dusty old ceilings that powerful black women before us have already put cracks in. We challenged the deep-rooted societal narratives that often determine our legacies and shared in the fearless spirit of icons like Beyoncé, taking control of our mistakes and shining through imperfection.

Raising a Toast to Renaissance

Our convivial host, Muse, raised a toast to the concept of Renaissance – a harmonious blend of collective individuality where individual expression is the community's masterpiece. As we buzzed with excitement, we could practically hear the clinking of glasses celebrating our autonomy in experiencing pleasure.

Technical Difficulties, But the Show Goes On!

Even the gremlins of technical troubles couldn't dampen Muse's fervor as they navigated little hiccups with grace during the live session. As they opened the floor, you, the beloved audience, shared your own delectable stories of pleasure and connection, creating a virtual quilt of shared human experiences.

Sonic Bliss & Visual Delights

Music aficionados, rejoice! Muse resonated with our inner audiophiles, singing praises to the soul-stirring sounds of vinyl records, the calming patter of rainwater, and the soothing rumbles of a distant thunderstorm.

And who could forget the magnificent art piece "Between Red and Orange," which offered a story as rich as its hues, reminding us to engage in sensory explorations as unique as our own fingerprints.

Next on the Pleasure Agenda: "Memoirs Over Mimosas"

Can't get enough of these sumptuous services? Well, buckle up, because Muse tantalized us with the promise of the next session featuring the dazzling burlesque dancer Candy. Expect tales, twirls, and plenty of mimosas, all under the banner of relishing the here and now.

The Bosom Collection: A Heartfelt Tribute

Lastly, the unveiling of the Bosom collection was nothing short of an emotional serenade to the diverse bodies of black women. From honoring survivors of breast cancer to celebrating black trans men, this collection is a pledge of love, inviting black women everywhere to come home through vibrant artwork that speaks to the soul.

So, there you have it, folks! A kaleidoscope journey through pleasure, art, and the celebration of individuality in the radiant tapestry of black womanhood. Join us next time for more adventures that promise to uplift, inspire, and fill your sensory palette with wonders untold.


Get ready to join us next week for an even juicier conversation with burlesque dancer Candy in "Memoirs Over Mimosas." And in the meantime, visit our website to find your newest art obsession, smell the roses, or simply dance it out to your favorite vinyl beats.

Feel every sensation, explore every pleasure, and keep blooming in the garden of life!

With love and mischievous winks,

The MuseTease Prints Team

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